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Feb 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
to upper 60s in san jose and morgan hill and also looking at temperatures in the mid-60s. san rosa 65. as you would guess, the radar is clear. will stay clear for the weekend. we have had 12 different januarys in our history with less tan 1 inch of rainfall. that means we will be dry all winter? no. average rain in february was more than 3 inches. we could actually use that. history says we will get more coming up. oakland down to 46. another chilly night inland. fairfield 37. san rosa 36. there is some moisture working its way up south. this will filter the sunshine a bit tomorrow. all about that big bubble of high pressure not moving much. it stays put, our weather stays indictment big low pressure area moves in from the north and quest. you'll get an even better look at the bridge in our sunday night >> reporter: we are looking out to the eastern span of the bay bridge that has been under construction for the past 11 years. that bay bridge was opened up on november 12th of 1936. that is 76 years ago. actually, it opened up six months ahea
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
our roof top, don't see much cloud cover. check out the temperatures. they have dropped. san rosa currently 52. san jose 54. downtown san francisco only 51. inland, kind of like summertime. 61degrees in livermore right now. as you can guess, the radar is dry. man, has it been a big change. november and december combined in san rosa you had 20 inches of rain. january and the first week of february you have had less than one inch of rain. i don't see much changing over the next several days. another chilly night tonight. concord, livermore. redwood city for 9 degrees. with this on shore flow we will see the temperatures stay below normal. you can see a big low pressure area over my shoulder. this will shove a front in the bay area eventually. the on shore will keep most of us in the 50s tuesday and wednesday. dry part goes away on thursday as a weak front moves through. we will see some scattered showers. low to mid 50s for highs on thursday and friday. temperatures stay low because that on shore flow and fog. some showers return with that fro
Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm PST
. chilly again tonight. 30s for you in napa, santa rosa, petaluma. concord, walnut creek, livermore and low 40s elsewhere. oakland 44, san jose 43. showing you a different perspective, this is the water content in the air. we call it water vapor. where you see the dark is where the atmosphere is really dry. notice there's a big circle over california. a very dark color on your television screen which tells me that's the center of the dome of high pressure and that's why you can't get clouds with no moisture in the area. that's what's going on. high pressure didn't move much over the past 24 hours. you had a similar day today compared to yesterday. tomorrow, not moving. saturday, sunday, not moving. the high doesn't move all the way through the weekend. you stay sunny chilly nights mild afternoons. several more mainly dry days. mother nature is playing chicken with us. kind of pushing back every day this rain chance. now it looks like low pressure will not get here until next thursday. so at least six more mainly dry days. clear nights, sunny aft
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3